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Welcome to Frankentrikes!

  I build electric-assist front loading cargo trikes and rickshaws.  Someday again soon, perhaps I can build one for you.  This project is currently on hold due to our principal funding source drying up in the economic downturn of 2008.  Our near-term goal is to raise $150K in order to complete the prototyping process. This final prototype model will be reworked until we are satisfied that it can meet longterm safety and durability standards.  The next step from there will be to go into small scale manufacturing of lots of 3-5 at a time.  Contributions to assist in the furtherance of this process gladly accepted at the bottom of this page.

Keep checking back for updates or get on the Frankentrikes Announce List in order to be the first to hear when we get rolling again.  

New Developments

Seattle Mayor McGinn really digs Frankentrikes
Critical Mass, May 2009, in Vancouver, BC Shiny new rickshaw completed in October 2010
massdrinks JnBtrishaw

Bear Dyken live @ Bicycle Music Festival BMF2009 Seattle --Amplified music powered by genny bikes Dave's trike gets a canopy, April 2010
bearintrike BMflyer davescanopy

BMF live music parade between performance venues Current architecture of working prototype (note rebuilt rear end, canopy off in summer)

Model Specifications

Reichlin Trishaw

Dave's Frankentrike

Justin's Frankentrike

Working Prototype

In The Workshop

The Original Frankentrike

Other Tricycles I have known and loved

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While this product is still evolving, we welcome your inspiration, input and support.  We are currently interviewing for partner investors and/or partner developer-builders who would like to become deeply involved in the growth of this enterprise.  We would still like to take this project to the mass manufacturing level for the health and well-being of our country, people, and planet.

Contact info:
c/o Segue Fischlin
117 E. Louisa St., #356
Seattle, WA 98102

206-250-6382 cell
segue at frankentrikes.com                                                                                                                       
This enterprise is still young, and growing a manufacturing operation is very resource- and capital-intensive.  If you would like to see this social enterprise succeed...

We need your help! 

via PayPal

There are also volunteer opportunities available, both in and out of the shop.

18 July 2014 Special thanks to...

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